QuickBooks Barcode

QuickBooks Barcode Scanner Software for Inventory Counts

QuickBooks Barcode Reader

The first integrated barcode inventory management system for QuickBooks using a handheld scanner. You can now streamline your inventory management procedures with this new product. This reader runs on the Symbol PPT8800 hand held, updates all required information with your QuickBooks software to help your company experience improved productivity and profitability through increased efficiency.

The Symbol PPT8800 is a rugged, compact, lightweight TNT-based portable data terminal with standard wireless connectivity using WAN/ LAN/PAN and Bluetooth. The Symbol MC75A hand held is tightly integrated with modules that are key to managing inventory in QuickBooks, providing you with the ability to:

Choose which items will be counted - Inventory, non inventory, service, other charge, asset, assembly and group.

Streamline Physical Counts ? Perform physical cou,s cycle counts and inventory audits. You can reconcile the actual quantity counted and the system quantity on hand by automatically deducting or adding the difference using the handheld device. These variances between actual and book are then recorded as QuickBooks inventory adjustments.

Print inventory barcode labels - You can assign bar codes to your existing QuickBooks items using a mobile scanner.

Stop losing money, gain more control, increased accountability and reduce the time for physical inventory.

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