Sage 50 Job Costing and Inventory Training Class

Sage 50 Accounting Inventory / Job Cost / Manufacturing Training Class

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Is your Sage 50 Accounting inventory out of control? Do you manage your job information in Excel? Learn how to setup inventory and job costing. Become acquainted with the best practice procedures you must have to get your information under control. You will learn how to setup your Sage 50 Accounting Software and record your vital information for peak performance, efficiencies and statistical reporting. Learn about Sage 50 Accounting Barcode. Become the office expert! Remember to bring your Sage 50 accounting questions to class.

Sage 50 Accounting Software Level 5 Inventory, Manufacturing & Construction

  • Default Information
    • Inventory Items Default
    • Review of Inventory Accounting - COGS
  • Inventory Items
    • Classes
    • Add/Modify/Delete/Inactivate Items
    • Bill of materials and Revisions
    • Custom fields
    • Master Stock Tables / Attributes
    • Manage Serialized Items
    • Update Item Prices
    • Quantity Discounts
    • Units of Measure
    • Change Inventory Item Id?s
  • Purchasing Inventory
    • Order or Auto Order Items on PO?s
    • Modify a purchase order
    • Receiving a purchase order
    • Enter Bills Receipts
    • Inventory Transactions
    • Issue Inventory
    • Assemblies
    • Work Tickets
    • Customizing Work Ticket
    • Reports
  • Questions and Answers
  • Selling Inventory
    • Quotes / Orders / Invoices
    • Tracking COGS / Profitability
    • Sales Reports and Inquiries
  • Default Information
    • Job Costing Defaults
    • Track Retainage and Burden
    • Categorize Costs by Phase and Cost Codes
  • Jobs setup
    • Add/Modify/Delete/Inactivate Jobs
    • Subcontractors Insurance
    • Create Job Estimates or Budgets
    • Change Job Numbers
    • Recording Job Activity
    • Track Change Orders
    • Issue Inventory to a job
    • Payroll Labor Hours from Payroll or Time Tickets
    • Record Overhead
    • Purchase orders to a job
    • Direct Expenses to a job
  • Billing Jobs
    • Percent of Contract
    • Percent of Proposal¬†
    • Percent of Completion
    • Billing Retainage

Payment in full is required for registration. You will receive confirmation for your requested class date once available space is confirmed as classes do fill up. DO NOT make travel arrangements until you have received confirmation from JCS. JCS is not responsible for any such expenses. Level 2 or experienced processing knowledge required. Advanced Bookkeeping skills will be included in this class. This class is taught by a Master certified trainer. Each class is a maximum of 6 students. Will include CPE credits and a certificate of completion. Course cancellation must be received in writing 5 days prior to course date. Refunds are subject to a $50 administrative fee. The class may be rescheduled with no administrative fee.

Lunch and user guide are included with class

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